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Project Management for Supply Chain Professionals - English (PMSCP)

“Why Project Management for Supply Chain Management Professionals?

A Supply Chain is a network of organizations which is engaged in activities, resources, and technologies, involved in the creation of a product and then sourcing materials, from the suppliers, progresses through the Value Chain to production at the manufacturer, and conclude when the finished product is delivered to the end customer meeting the expectations. In the above process at various stages, projects are initiated and carried out in order to meet essential strategic and tactical objectives.

Project Management can be defined as the application of methodologies, processes, insight, knowledge, skills and experience that will result in the goals of a project being reached.2 Projects are typically not part of the day-to-day business operations, and this is what separates Project Management from everyday Supply Chain and Business Management. A Project Manager leads a team of people selected to be involved in a project that it is locked into a specific timespan, and has a set of finite, key outcomes to achieve. Supply Chain Management on the other hand, has long-term goals with broader outcomes.

Therefore, we believe that all Supply Chain Management professionals should be equipped with Project Management methodologies, processes, tools, skills and knowledge in order to manage the projects under their preview. This course has been specifically designed and developed to enhance the knowledge and capabilities of Supply Chain professionals in managing projects effectively.”

    Course Content:
    • Introduction to Project and Supply Chain Management
    •  Project Management Methodologies 
    • Project Life Cycles and Organisation
    • Project Integration, Scope and Time Management 
    • Human Resource and Communication Management
    • Project Procurement Management 
    • Purchase Planning, Preparation for Contracting and Sourcing Strategies 
    • Procurement Control, Procurement Quality Control and Contract Closure 
    • Outsourcing, Group Purchasing and Vendor Management Inventory 
    • Project Stores and Yard Management 
    • Project Closure and Lessons Learned Management
    For Whom:

    Senior Supervisors, Executives and Managers

    Entry Requirements:
    • Diploma or Degree holders who are employed.
    • Persons with A/L and one year or more industry experience. 
    • People with O/L and two years or more industry experience. 
    • Those who have completed Certificate or Diploma Courses at ISMM.



    3 Months (12 Sundays)

    Course Fees & Commencement:
    Rs.30,000/- (Inclusive of Registration Fee(Rs. 20,000/- (non-refundable))
    10% Discount available for Past Students of ISMM.
    5% Discount available for New Students of ISMM.
    0% Interest Instalment plans available for Commercial Bank Credit Card Holders.
    (T & C Apply).
    Course Commencement:
    Batch Commencement  Programme Officer / Programme Executive
    PMSCP/E/C/Sun/1-2023 14 May 2023 Ms. Chethana (0774653348)